INCOL- designed by nature

Meet our new product: CETRIS® INCOL


INCOL is a cement-bonded particleboard with smooth surface primed through with black pigment. Certified with fire protection A2, it used for facades and interior design.

It is produced by pressing a mixture of wood chips (63% by volume), Portland cement (25% vol.), water (10% vol), and hydration additives (2% by volume); it is available in standard thicknesses 12 mm. The basic size of the board is 3,350 x 1,250 mm. We deliver the boards cut to the sizes specified by the customer, with rounded edge or chamfered edge to 45° angle, milled starting with half-groove. The boards may also be delivered with predrilled holes.

The cement-bonded particleboard are used mainly as a structural material in cases where moisture resistance, strength, fire resistance, ecological and hygienic harmlessness are required at the same time. CETRIS® Boards do not contain either asbestos or formaldehyde; they are resistant to insects and mold exposure. They are fireproof and can provide sound insulation. The boards can be worked with conventional woodworking tools.

Standard thickness 12 mm.

Basic board size 3,350 x 1,250 mm. The boards are supplied cut to the size required by the customer, with rounded or 45° bevelled edge, milled with semi-groove, from board thickness. Pre-drilled holes may be made in the boards on request.