Waterproof sealing for Balcony and Terrace

CETRIS PD boards in use on balconies, patios & arcades

Perfect load distribution



A2-s1, d0 according to the European standard EN 13 501-1


Lighter than conventional cement.bonded boards

Secure load distribution

According to the flat roof regulations e.g. of the German roofing trade authorities


Perfect for outdoor areas


easy assembly

Very good ability on site despite high stability

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CETRIS A2 boards in combination with ENKE seals

The ENKE company based in Düsseldorf/Germany, manufacturer of sealing systems, tested the Enkopur and Enketop systems with the cement-bonded board CETRIS A2 for outdoor use. Tests were made in accordance with the flat roof regulations in Germany from December 2016.

After the tests have been successful, Enke recommends our tongue and groove installation board 1250 x 625 mm (thickness at least 18 mm) as a pressure distribution board for your systems on thermally insulated balconies and patios.

Composition of CETRIS boards: wood shavings made of spruce and fir, high-quality Portland cement and wood mineralization materials with a three-layer structure in a sanded and unsanded version with a fine sand look.


  • In the course of the preparatory work, the CETRIS PD wood cement boards are applied as a load distribution layer after thorough cleaning and drying of the substrate.
  • The thickness of the panels must be at least 18 mm.
  • Composition of the boards: Spruce and fir wood shavings, high-quality Portland cement and wood mineralization materials with a three-layer structure in a sanded and unsanded version in fine sand optics.
  • The base plate is flame retardant. (A2)
    The installation boards must always be laid together.
  • The offset must be at least a third of the plate length.
  • The all-round tongue and groove connection must be adequately glued with Enke-Contact.
  • Max. Contiguous area: 30sqm
  • The boards must be sealed or covered immediately after laying to avoid possible exposure to moisture.
  • The connection to the insulation substrate is to be carried out using a solvent-free and quick-binding PU construction adhesive.

Streak-free sticking of the Cetris board on the glued insulation material with solvent-free PU glue.


Permanent bond between tongue and groove with Enke Contact. Remove any adhesive that oozes out once it has hardened.

Apply the entire surface of the Enkopur® sealing system and the Enketop® coating in accordance with the Enke installation instructions


Numerous surface designs possible. Here: Surface design with plastic chips. You can find a large selection at www.enke-werk.de

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