NEW: CETRIS certified for fire resistance class REI 90

by | Sep 29, 2019 | Fire protection

Wooden house Projects & Others:

CETRIS is now certified REI 90 fire resistance class. This opens up new possibilities for building with cement-bonded chipboard for walls.

Fire protection requirements of a load-bearing system with 90 minutes fire resistance (REI 90) can now be met here. The tested construction enables a technically flawless and simple wall construction with a 16mm CETRIS plate on the outside, which can be stapled and screwed into the stand, filled with mineral wool and a plasterboard wall for quick interior installation. For the separation of apartment buildings or partitions in carports to the neighboring property, building regulations often stipulate requirements in the 90 minute range. With this structure, we have a solution for all these applications so that timber builders can stick to wood with CETRIS.



schematic wall structure

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REI 90 certificate

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